Wood Wool Tasmania

Earth friendly...
Our wood wool is produced from timber grown in Tasmania. We use mainly plantation timber or timber not suitable for milling.


Being a natural product it is quite safe to use in the packaging of food products.


Wood wool can be re-used many times over and and can be used as garden mulch or heating fuel. Even if it is buried as garbage it quickly breaks down as it would in a natural forest.

Not only does it look good when packaging products it is also good for our environment!

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What is wood wool...

It is a manufactured product, lengths of timber are placed on a high speed cutting machine, a specially designed milling head determines the desired variable width and depth of the fibres, these 500 to 600 mm strands naturally curl and interlock, producing a resilient, high density cushioning medium for all types of economical packaging.

Wood wool is an excellent alternative for synthetic packaging materials as it is environmentally friendly. Synthetic packaging can contain many toxic ingredients and can be harmfull to humans especially when burnt, many of these products do not break down easily even after many years causing problems when used in ground fill. In contrast to this wood wool is a natural product and can be sustainably produced from plantation timber.